Kota Junction’s Complete Trains Schedule: All Trains List

Complete Details of Trains Departing from Kota : All Schedule

Certainly! Here’s the revised article with the complete train schedule table:

Kota Junction’s train schedule: Complete List

Kota Junction’s train schedule Complete List. kota Junction, a bustling railway hub in the heart of Rajasthan, connects passengers to various destinations across the country. The train schedule at Kota Junction is a tapestry of diverse routes, catering to the travel needs of both locals and tourists. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of the Kota Junction train schedule, highlighting key trains and their weekly operational patterns.

Kota Junction: A Central Nexus

Kota Junction is a pivotal junction in the Indian Railways network, serving as a convergence point for trains heading in multiple directions. From the early morning hours to late at night, the station witnesses a continuous flux of trains, each with its unique schedule and destination.

Notable Trains and Their Timings

Let’s take a closer look at the comprehensive train schedule from Kota Junction:

Train NameArrivesDepartsStop timeMTWTFSS
Nzm Jan Shatabd (12059)Starts05:55YYYYYYY
Mhrst Sampark K E (12908)03:0003:1010 minYNNYNNN
Jp Bdts Special (09034)09:0509:1510 minNNYNNNN
Kota Hmh Special (09734)Starts16:55YYYYYYY
Indb Intercity (39801)Starts06:30YYYYYYY
Kota Jan Shatabdi (92059)Starts05:55YYYYYYY
Kota Pnbe Express (93238)Starts15:25NNNYYNY
Bhuj Bdts Special (09024)13:0013:1010 minNNYNNNN
Kota Jaipur Passenger (99801)Starts23:45YYYYYYY
Kota Bix Passenger (99821)Starts22:05YYYYYYY
Kota Hmh Special (99734)Starts16:55YYYYYYY
Kota Pnbe Express (93240)Starts15:25YYYNNYN
Jp Sur Special (09713)17:0017:1010 minYNNNNNN
New delhi Ac Express (04095)09:1010:0050 minNNNYNNN
Sur Jaipur Special (09714)13:1513:2510 minNNYNNNN
Hmh Kota Special (09733)09:45EndsYYYYYYY
Kota Udz Special (09801)Starts10:30NNNNYNN
Udz Kota Special (09802)21:20EndsYYYYYYY
Jp Sur Special (09715)17:0017:1010 minYNNNNNN
Bkn Puri Inaug (04739)23:2523:4520 minNNNYNNN
Aii Hyb Special (07126)06:1006:3020 minNNNNYNN
Hyb Jp Special (07125)02:2002:4020 minNNNNYNN
Aii Koaa Special (03138)02:4003:0020 minNYNNNNN
Jaipur Express (12973)04:0504:1510 minYNNNNYN
Kota Jaipur Passenger (59801)Starts23:50YYYYYYY
Jp Kota Premium (09727)00:2500:3510 minNNYNNNN
Indb Jp Superfast Special (09728)04:0504:1510 minNNYNNN

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Kota Junction’s train schedule encapsulates the vibrant spirit of Indian Railways, connecting people and places seamlessly. Whether you’re embarking on a business trip, a leisurely vacation, or a cultural exploration, the trains departing from Kota Junction offer a myriad of options to suit your travel needs. The rhythmic chug of trains departing and arriving at Kota Junction echoes the pulse of a nation on the move.

So, the next time you find yourself at Kota Junction, take a moment to appreciate the well-orchestrated ballet of trains, each playing its part in keeping the wheels of India’s railways turning.

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